[Mono-bugs] [Bug 415577] [PATCH] Can't pass by ref in a ContextBoundObject method

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--- Comment #2 from Robert Jordan <robertj at gmx.net>  2008-09-03 18:25:20 MDT ---
If someone could tell me how to check klass->contextbound in managed code, the
new icall won't be necessary.

/* this->remote_class->proxy_class->contextbound */

mono_mb_emit_ldarg (mb, 0);
mono_mb_emit_ldflda (mb, G_STRUCT_OFFSET (MonoTransparentProxy, remote_class));
mono_mb_emit_byte (mb, CEE_LDIND_REF);
mono_mb_emit_ldflda (mb, G_STRUCT_OFFSET (MonoRemoteClass, proxy_class));
mono_mb_emit_byte (mb, CEE_LDIND_REF);
mono_mb_emit_ldflda (mb, G_STRUCT_OFFSET (MonoClass, contextbound));
mono_mb_emit_byte (mb, CEE_LDIND_I4);

Since MonoClass.contextbound is a bitfield, I don't know how to test it

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