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User mike at trausch.us added comment

--- Comment #36 from Michael Trausch <mike at trausch.us>  2008-10-24 11:15:22 MDT ---
(In reply to comment #32 from Martin Baulig)
> @Michael:
> You can ignore the symfile warnings, they're normal if you have a gtk# without
> debugging support.  But it looks like you also compiled your GtkIcon.exe
> without -debug.  The debugger should, however, still allow you to debug it, you
> shouldn't get the "no target" message.  Is this a simple gtk# "Hello World" or
> something like this ?

Still getting "no target" with SVN HEAD of the debugger... *sigh*.  Not sure
why.  I suppose I'd offer to debug the debugger, but I can't do anything useful
with the debugger... <g>

It's just an example program showing how to use the GTK icon API for putting
things in the system tray.  Slightly modified from a program I found on the
Web.  You can use any reasonably sized .png file as an icon (has to be in the
current working directory and named "icon.png"):

======= Begin GtkIcon.cs
using Gtk;
using Gdk;
using System;

class Hello {
  private static StatusIcon trayIcon;
  private static Gtk.Window window;

  static void Main() {

    window = new Gtk.Window("Hello, World!");
    window.DeleteEvent += delegate { Application.Quit(); };

    trayIcon = new StatusIcon(new Pixbuf("icon.png"));
    trayIcon.Visible = true;
    trayIcon.Activate += delegate { 
      window.Visible = !window.Visible;
      trayIcon.Blinking = !trayIcon.Blinking;
    trayIcon.PopupMenu += OnTrayIconPopup;
    trayIcon.Tooltip = "Icon: Hello, World!";


  static void OnTrayIconPopup(object o, EventArgs args) {
    Menu popupMenu = new Menu();
    ImageMenuItem menuItemQuit = new ImageMenuItem("Quit");
    Gtk.Image appImage = new Gtk.Image(Stock.Quit, IconSize.Menu);
    menuItemQuit.Image = appImage;

    menuItemQuit.Activated += delegate { Application.Quit(); };

======= End GtkIcon.cs

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