[Mono-bugs] [Bug 437096] ERROR:(generic-sharing.c:278):mini_get_basic_type_from_generic : assertion failed: (gsctx)

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Tue Oct 21 11:11:33 EDT 2008


User lortiz at interactivesupercomputing.com added comment

--- Comment #1 from Luis Ortiz <lortiz at interactivesupercomputing.com>  2008-10-21 09:11:32 MDT ---
After rebuilding  mono with -g and no -O2, I get a better stack traceback:

#9  0x003ff42d in IA__g_assertion_message_expr (domain=) at gtestutils.c:1229
#10 0x08070d56 in mini_get_basic_type_from_generic (gsctx=0x0, type=0x853d3a8)
at generic-sharing.c:278
#11 0x08071263 in get_call_info (gsctx=0x0, mp=0x0, sig=0x8512520,
is_pinvoke=0) at mini-x86.c:381
#12 0x08071592 in mono_arch_get_argument_info (csig=0x8512520, param_count=1,
arg_info=0xbf8750a0) at mini-x86.c:478
#13 0x081f3cec in mono_trace_enter_method (method=0x854c850, ebp=0xbf87512c
"�Q\207�\212\003\026") at trace.c:320

The problem seems to be that:
 mono_arch_get_argument_info (MonoMethodSignature *csig, int param_count,
MonoJitArgumentInfo *arg_info)


 cinfo = get_call_info (NULL, NULL, csig, FALSE);

and that 

  mini_get_basic_type_from_generic (MonoGenericSharingContext *gsctx, MonoType

has the following assert:

        if (!type->byref && (type->type == MONO_TYPE_VAR || type->type ==
                g_assert (gsctx);

but does not use gsctx in rest of the function.

Perhaps these two lines ought to be deleted?  
It makes my test case work.   But perhaps someone has grand plans for this
parameter in the future.

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