[Mono-bugs] [Bug 423518] WARNING: Got event 137f for unknown pid xxxx

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Mon Oct 13 23:23:20 EDT 2008


User mike at trausch.us added comment

Michael Trausch <mike at trausch.us> changed:

           What    |Removed                                         |Added
           Severity|Normal                                          |Major
           Priority|P5 - None                                       |P3 - Medium

--- Comment #3 from Michael Trausch <mike at trausch.us>  2008-10-13 21:23:20 MDT ---
Altering priority & severity to reflect nonfunctioning state of the debugger.

Also, this is on Mono 2.0, using Mono Debugger 2.0 (although the debugger
doesn't actually report its version number using the -version flag... that's

Monday, 2008-Oct-13 at 23:22:00 - mbt at zest - Linux v2.6.27
Ubuntu Intrepid:[0-13/4984-1]:Debug> mono --version
Mono JIT compiler version 2.0 (tarball)
Copyright (C) 2002-2008 Novell, Inc and Contributors. www.mono-project.com
        TLS:           __thread
        GC:            Included Boehm (with typed GC)
        SIGSEGV:       altstack
        Notifications: epoll
        Architecture:  amd64
        Disabled:      none

Monday, 2008-Oct-13 at 23:22:02 - mbt at zest - Linux v2.6.27
Ubuntu Intrepid:[0-14/4985-0]:Debug> mdb -version  
The Mono Debugger is (C) 2003-2007 Novell, Inc.

The debugger source code is released under the terms of the GNU GPL

For more information on Mono, visit the project Web site

The debugger was written by Martin Baulig and Chris Toshok

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