[Mono-bugs] [Bug 434289] New: Assembly.LoadFrom deadlock

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Fri Oct 10 09:26:01 EDT 2008


           Summary: Assembly.LoadFrom deadlock
           Product: Mono: Runtime
           Version: 1.9
          Platform: x86
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: Major
          Priority: P5 - None
         Component: misc
        AssignedTo: mono-bugs at lists.ximian.com
        ReportedBy: meebey at meebey.net
         QAContact: mono-bugs at lists.ximian.com
          Found By: ---

My CLI 2.0 application deadlocks during startup when loading plugins using the
Assembly.LoadFile() method.

Here the managed stack trace of it:
Full thread dump:

"Main" tid=0x0xb7dbf6c0 this=0x0x25e10:
  at (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Reflection.Assembly.LoadFrom
(string,bool) <0x00004>
  at (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Reflection.Assembly.LoadFrom
(string,bool) <0xffffffff>
  at System.Reflection.Assembly.LoadFrom
(string,System.Security.Policy.Evidence) <0x00010>
  at System.Reflection.Assembly.LoadFile
(string,System.Security.Policy.Evidence) <0x00039>
  at System.Reflection.Assembly.LoadFile (string) <0x0000c>
  at Gsd.Mapmas.Desktop.Plugins.PluginManager.LoadPlugin (string,bool)
  at Gsd.Mapmas.Desktop.Plugins.PluginManager.LoadAllPlugins (string) <0x00059>
  at Gsd.Mapmas.Desktop.Desktop.Init (string[]) <0x000d9>
  at Gsd.Mapmas.Desktop.MainClass.Main (string[]) <0x00014>
  at (wrapper runtime-invoke)
(object,intptr,intptr,intptr) <0xffffffff>

"" tid=0x0xb6605bb0 this=0x0x51c60:
  at (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Accept_internal
(intptr,int&) <0x00004>
  at (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Accept_internal
(intptr,int&) <0xffffffff>
  at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Accept () <0x0007e>
  at System.Net.Sockets.TcpListener.AcceptSocket () <0x0001a>
  at System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels.Http.HttpServerChannel.Listen ()
  at (wrapper runtime-invoke) System.Object.runtime_invoke_void
(object,intptr,intptr,intptr) <0xffffffff>

"" tid=0x0xb63e3bb0 this=0x0x51b00:

"" tid=0x0xb5c9ebb0 this=0x0x51630:
  at (wrapper runtime-invoke) System.Object.runtime_invoke_void
(object,intptr,intptr,intptr) <0x00029>
  at (wrapper runtime-invoke) System.Object.runtime_invoke_void
(object,intptr,intptr,intptr) <0xffffffff>

Here the gdb stack traces (t a a bt doesn't show readable traces):
(gdb) info threads
  6 Thread -1208501328 (LWP 30092)  0xb7f92410 in ?? ()
  5 Thread -1221223504 (LWP 30093)  0xb7f92410 in ?? ()
  4 Thread -1235547216 (LWP 30109)  0xb7f92410 in ?? ()
  3 Thread -1237783632 (LWP 30112)  0xb7f92410 in ?? ()
  2 Thread -1245406288 (LWP 30139)  0xb7f92410 in ?? ()
* 1 Thread -1210669376 (LWP 30089)  0xb7f92410 in ?? ()
(gdb) t 1
[Switching to thread 1 (Thread -1210669376 (LWP 30089))]#0  0xb7f92410 in ?? ()
(gdb) x/160a $esp
0xbff7f1cc:     0xbff7f20c      0x2     0x0     0xb7eb056e
0xbff7f1dc:     0x821e270 <loader_mutex+4>      0xb7eb4ff4
<pthread_functions+532>      0x0     0xb7ead179 <_L_mutex_lock_141+7>
0xbff7f1ec:     0x13    0x8a98e00       0x8a98ee8       0x0
0xbff7f1fc:     0x8a98e00       0xa000090       0xa000090       0x8a92a48
0xbff7f20c:     0xbff7f22c      0x80b3a52 <mono_loader_lock+18> 0x821e270
<loader_mutex+4>      0x18109
0xbff7f21c:     0xbff7f24c      0xb7dd36be <calloc+142> 0xb7e9a4c0
<__after_morecore_hook+24>   0x90
0xbff7f22c:     0xbff7f25c      0x80b6c11 <mono_get_method_full+33>     0x18109
0xbff7f23c:     0x90    0xb7f731e4 <g_utf8_skip+304>    0x0     0x90
0xbff7f24c:     0x0     0xa000090       0x8a98f00       0x8a98f10
0xbff7f25c:     0xbff7f27c      0x80b6cb5 <mono_get_method+37>  0x8a92a48      
0xbff7f26c:     0x0     0x0     0x8a98f00       0x8a98f10
0xbff7f27c:     0xbff7f2cc      0x80fc5a1 <mono_custom_attrs_from_index+273>   
0x8a92a48       0xa000090
0xbff7f28c:     0x0     0x3     0x0     0x8246b74
0xbff7f29c:     0xb     0x8a92b38       0x8a98b10       0x8a98b10
0xbff7f2ac:     0x0     0x2e    0x483   0x3f9
0xbff7f2bc:     0x9     0x8a97cc0       0x0     0x8246b74
0xbff7f2cc:     0xbff7f2ec      0x80fc9b8 <mono_custom_attrs_from_assembly+56> 
0x8a92a48       0x2e
0xbff7f2dc:     0xbff7f31c      0xb7f24739 <g_slice_alloc+345>  0x822dec8      
0xbff7f2ec:     0xbff7f32c      0x80db084 <mono_assembly_load_friends+20>      
0x8a97cc0       0x8
0xbff7f2fc:     0x0     0x82574e0       0x0     0x0
0xbff7f30c:     0xbff7f32c      0x8a97cc0       0x8a5ef80       0x8a92890
0xbff7f31c:     0xbff7f32c      0x8a97cc0       0x0     0x8246b74
0xbff7f32c:     0xbff7f36c      0x80db8d7 <mono_assembly_load_from_full+823>   
0x8a97cc0       0x8a97cc0
0xbff7f33c:     0x81aa098 <__PRETTY_FUNCTION__.16753+1285>      0xb5b434dc     
0x8a97cc0       0x8a95300
0xbff7f34c:     0x8a92a48       0x2     0x8a97cc8       0x8a986c8
0xbff7f35c:     0x821e5f8 <assemblies_mutex+4>  0x8a92a48       0x8a92841      
0xbff7f36c:     0xbff7f3ac      0x80dbc8d <mono_assembly_open_full+573>
0x8a92a48       0x8a92890
0xbff7f37c:     0xbff7f3dc      0x0     0xbff7f398      0xb6c3cc78
0xbff7f38c:     0x0     0xbff7f3b0      0xb69b70e2
<gtk_box_pack_start_defaults+2674>   0x0
0xbff7f39c:     0x48    0x8a92840       0x52630 0x52630
0xbff7f3ac:     0xbff7f3ec      0x80c5d21
<ves_icall_System_Reflection_Assembly_LoadFrom+81>    0x8a92840      
0xbff7f3bc:     0x0     0x268640        0xbff7f3f4      0xe146e
0xbff7f3cc:     0x25f00 0x0     0x0     0x0
0xbff7f3dc:     0x0     0x0     0x52630 0x1
0xbff7f3ec:     0xbff7f420      0xb5c4e794      0x52630 0x0
0xbff7f3fc:     0x822fa98       0x8a0e394       0x0     0x822fa98
0xbff7f40c:     0x0     0x1     0x52630 0xbff7f420
0xbff7f41c:     0xb5c4e76c      0xbff7f438      0xb5c4e719      0x52630
0xbff7f42c:     0x0     0x52630 0x0     0xbff7f45c
0xbff7f43c:     0xb5c4e682      0x52630 0x0     0x268640

(gdb) t 2
[Switching to thread 2 (Thread -1245406288 (LWP 30139))]#0  0xb7f92410 in ?? ()
(gdb) x/160a $esp
0xb5c489a4:     0xb5c489e4      0x2     0x0     0xb7eb056e
0xb5c489b4:     0x821e5f8 <assemblies_mutex+4>  0xb7eb4ff4
<pthread_functions+532>      0x7     0xb7ead179 <_L_mutex_lock_141+7>
0xb5c489c4:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0xb7ead017 <pthread_mutex_lock+23>
0xb5c489d4:     0x0     0x8a5f390       0x8a5f390       0xb78f37c5
0xb5c489e4:     0xb5c48a74      0x80dceb1 <mono_assembly_load_reference+33>    
0x821e5f8 <assemblies_mutex+4>  0x8a5f390
0xb5c489f4:     0xb5c48a14      0x80b3a02 <mono_loader_unlock+18>      
0x821e270 <loader_mutex+4>      0x0
0xb5c48a04:     0x0     0xb5c48b12      0x8a5f628       0x8a5f390
0xb5c48a14:     0xb5c48ab4      0x80c1c11 <mono_class_create_from_typedef+65>  
0x8a5f628       0x2000003
0xb5c48a24:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb5c48a34:     0x2000003       0x8a5f390       0x8244b3c       0x8233158
0xb5c48a44:     0xb5c48a64      0x80b3a02 <mono_loader_unlock+18>      
0x821e270 <loader_mutex+4>      0x0
0xb5c48a54:     0x0     0x200004c       0x82333f0       0x3000015
0xb5c48a64:     0x3     0x1c    0x8a5f390       0xb78f37c5
0xb5c48a74:     0xb5c48af4      0x80c229e <mono_class_from_typeref+302>
0x8a5f390       0x6
0xb5c48a84:     0xb5c48adc      0x3     0x0     0x7
0xb5c48a94:     0xb78f37e1      0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb5c48aa4:     0x0     0xb5c48b12      0x2000003       0x8a5f390
0xb5c48ab4:     0xb5c48ae4      0x80c25dc <mono_class_get_full+252>     0x0    
0xb5c48ac4:     0xb5c48af4      0x812e6f8 <mono_internal_hash_table_lookup+72> 
0x8244b3c       0x8233158
0xb5c48ad4:     0xb5c48af4      0xb5c48b12      0x1e    0x39d
0xb5c48ae4:     0x381   0xb5c48b12      0x1000029       0x8a5f390
0xb5c48af4:     0xb5c48b24      0x80c2613 <mono_class_get_full+307>    
0x8a5f390       0x1000029
0xb5c48b04:     0xb5c48b54      0x80d8170 <do_mono_metadata_parse_type+176>    
0x8a5f390       0x2000003
0xb5c48b14:     0xb5c48b5c      0xb5c48b12      0x0     0xb5c48bbc
0xb5c48b24:     0xb5c48b44      0x80c264e <mono_class_get+30>   0x8a5f390      
0xb5c48b34:     0x0     0x80b3a02 <mono_loader_unlock+18>       0xb5c48bbc     
0xb5c48b44:     0xb5c48b94      0x80d8170 <do_mono_metadata_parse_type+176>    
0x8a5f390       0x1000029
0xb5c48b54:     0xb5c48b9c      0x80d7500 <mono_metadata_parse_type_full+448>  
0xb78f42d1      0xb5c48bac
0xb5c48b64:     0xb5c48c04      0x1     0x8a5f390       0x8a5d9d4
0xb5c48b74:     0xb5c48b94      0x80b3a52 <mono_loader_lock+18> 0x821e270
<loader_mutex+4>      0x120000
0xb5c48b84:     0xb78f42cf      0xb5c48bbc      0xb5c48bbc      0x0
0xb5c48b94:     0xb5c48bd4      0x80d747d <mono_metadata_parse_type_full+317>  
0xb78f42d7      0xb5c48bec
0xb5c48ba4:     0x1     0x1b    0xb78f2748      0x0
0xb5c48bb4:     0x0     0x810bb48 <mono_mempool_alloc0+56>      0x0    
0xb5c48bc4:     0xb78f42d4      0x0     0xe     0x8a5d9d4
0xb5c48bd4:     0xb5c48c44      0x80d7968 <mono_metadata_parse_mh_full+904>    
0x8a5f390       0x0
0xb5c48be4:     0x2     0x0     0xb78f42d4      0xb5c48c34
0xb5c48bf4:     0x10    0x2a    0x301b  0x8
0xb5c48c04:     0x163   0xb78f2754      0xb78f42cb      0x8a5d9bc
0xb5c48c14:     0xb5c48c34      0x8a95b98       0x8a5c97c       0xb78f28b7
(gdb) t 3
[Switching to thread 3 (Thread -1237783632 (LWP 30112))]#0  0xb7f92410 in ?? ()
(gdb) x/160a $esp
0xb638e324:     0xb638e388      0x200   0x8577500       0xb7e37b0e
0xb638e334:     0x0     0x857750c       0x80b787f <socket_io_epoll_main+127>   
0xb638e344:     0x8577500       0x200   0xffffffff      0x400
0xb638e354:     0x0     0x0     0x51b00 0x821e324 <socket_io_data+4>
0xb638e364:     0x821e320 <socket_io_data>      0xa     0x51b00 0x1
0xb638e374:     0x1     0x8577500       0xb638e3c8      0x51b00
0xb638e384:     0x855c378       0xb638e3d8      0x80cc1de <start_wrapper+254>  
0x821e320 <socket_io_data>
0xb638e394:     0xb638e3c8      0x80b7800 <socket_io_epoll_main>       
0x8134155 <GC_lookup_thread+53> 0xb638ebb0
0xb638e3a4:     0xb638ebb0      0x0     0xb638ebb0      0x80b7800
0xb638e3b4:     0x821e320 <socket_io_data>      0x0     0x811434a
<_wapi_getpid+42>     0x821ea3c <pid_init_once>
0xb638e3c4:     0x8114c60 <pid_init>    0xb638ebb0      0x821ce80
<_GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_>       0x411
0xb638e3d4:     0xb7703938      0xb638e408      0x811d792
<thread_start_routine+178>    0x855c378
0xb638e3e4:     0xb638ebb0      0xb638e408      0x8134b0c
<GC_start_routine_head+220>   0x821f640 <GC_allocate_ml>
0xb638e3f4:     0x0     0x811d6eb <thread_start_routine+11>     0x0    
0xb638e404:     0xf1660 0xb638e458      0x8134b74 <GC_start_routine+84>
0xb638e414:     0x8134480 <GC_thread_exit_proc> 0x0     0xb638e440      0x0
0xb638e424:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x8134480 <GC_thread_exit_proc>
0xb638e434:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0xb7703938
0xb638e444:     0x811d6e0 <thread_start_routine>        0x0     0xb7eb4ff4
<pthread_functions+532>      0x0
0xb638e454:     0x7d0f00        0xb638e4c8      0xb7eab240 <start_thread+128>  
0xb638e464:     0xb638e490      0xb638e490      0xb638e490      0xb638e490
0xb638e474:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0xb638ebb0
0xb638e484:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0xb7eb4ff4 <pthread_functions+532>
0xb638e494:     0x0     0x7d0f00        0xb638e4c8      0xb638e470
0xb638e4a4:     0xb7eab214 <start_thread+84>    0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb638e4b4:     0x0     0x0     0xb7eab1c0 <start_thread>       0x0
0xb638e4c4:     0x7d0f00        0x0     0xb7e3749e <clone+94>   0xb638ebb0
0xb638e4d4:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb638e4e4:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb638e4f4:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb638e504:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb638e514:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb638e524:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb638e534:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb638e544:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb638e554:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb638e564:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb638e574:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb638e584:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb638e594:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0

(gdb) t 4
[Switching to thread 4 (Thread -1235547216 (LWP 30109))]#0  0xb7f92410 in ?? ()
(gdb) x/160a $esp
0xb65b01b0:     0xb65b0210      0x821ce80 <_GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_>      
0xb65b01c8      0xb7eb0a48 <accept+72>
0xb65b01c0:     0x7     0x812760e <_wapi_accept+318>    0x7     0x0
0xb65b01d0:     0x0     0x0     0x1     0x84e9d0c
0xb65b01e0:     0xb65b0220      0x80cebc8 <jit_info_table_chunk_index+72>      
0xb65b0224      0x0
0xb65b01f0:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb65b0200:     0xb7838350      0xb65b02e0      0x7     0xb65b02d0
0xb65b0210:     0xb65b0230      0x8191d57
<ves_icall_System_Net_Sockets_Socket_Accept_internal+39>      0x7     0x0
0xb65b0220:     0x0     0x844a00c       0xb65b026c      0xaa038
0xb65b0230:     0xb65b0264      0xb6c8b77a      0x7     0xb65b02e0
0xb65b0240:     0x84d0118       0x30030 0x51c60 0xddb10
0xb65b0250:     0xaa038 0xb65b02d0      0x51c60 0xb65b0264
0xb65b0260:     0xb6c8b754      0xb65b0300      0xb6c8b58f      0x7
0xb65b0270:     0xb65b02e0      0xb65b02b4      0x8185874
<mono_magic_trampoline+644>   0xb6c8b40e
0xb65b0280:     0xb6c8b4b0      0xb65b02b4      0x806aad2
<mono_arch_get_delegate_invoke_impl+274>      0xb65b02ac
0xb65b0290:     0x80cc693 <mono_thread_interruption_checkpoint_request+19>     
0xaa038 0x51c60 0xddb10
0xb65b02a0:     0xb65b0314      0xaa038 0x51c60 0xb65b0314
0xb65b02b0:     0xb7f8006f      0xb6c8b510      0x84d0119       0xb65b0bac
0xb65b02c0:     0x844a034       0xb65b0308      0xaa038 0xddb10
0xb65b02d0:     0xffffffff      0xffffffff      0x0     0xffffffff
0xb65b02e0:     0x0     0xddb10 0x5df80 0xaa038
0xb65b02f0:     0xb65b02f4      0xb65b0314      0x51c60 0xddb10
0xb65b0300:     0xb65b0314      0xb6c8b4cb      0x30030 0x51c60
0xb65b0310:     0x84b4698       0xb65b0344      0xb6c8b40e      0xddb10
0xb65b0320:     0x823363c       0x0     0xb6c8b368      0xb6c86c00
0xb65b0330:     0xaa038 0xb65b0338      0xb65b0368      0x84b4698
0xb65b0340:     0xaa038 0xb65b0368      0xb6c8b391      0x5df80
0xb65b0350:     0x0     0xb65b03c4      0xb6c8b368      0xaa038
0xb65b0360:     0x51c60 0x84b4698       0xb65b0388      0x80ee396
0xb65b0370:     0xaa038 0xb65b03c4      0x0     0xb6c86c00
0xb65b0380:     0xb65b03c8      0x0     0xb65b03d8      0x80cc249
0xb65b0390:     0xaa038 0xb65b03c4      0x0     0x8134155 <GC_lookup_thread+53>
0xb65b03a0:     0xb65b0bb0      0xb65b0bb0      0x0     0xb65b0bb0
0xb65b03b0:     0x0     0x0     0xaa038 0x811434a <_wapi_getpid+42>
0xb65b03c0:     0x821ea3c <pid_init_once>       0x0     0xb65b0bb0     
0xb65b03d0:     0x40c   0xb7703590      0xb65b0408      0x811d792
0xb65b03e0:     0x84b4698       0xb65b0bb0      0xb65b0408      0x8134b0c
0xb65b03f0:     0x821f640 <GC_allocate_ml>      0x0     0x811d6eb
<thread_start_routine+11>     0x0
0xb65b0400:     0xb65b0430      0xf1cc0 0xb65b0458      0x8134b74
0xb65b0410:     0xb7703590      0x8134480 <GC_thread_exit_proc> 0x0    
0xb65b0420:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0

(gdb) t 5
[Switching to thread 5 (Thread -1221223504 (LWP 30093))]#0  0xb7f92410 in ?? ()
(gdb) x/160a $esp
0xb7359240:     0xb73592a8      0x9     0x0     0xb7eade16
0xb7359250:     0x0     0x4     0x0     0x0
0xb7359260:     0x821ce80 <_GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_>       0x0     0xb78531c4     
0x81140df <timedwait_signal_poll_cond+223>
0xb7359270:     0xb78531dc      0xb78531c4      0x856f5d8       0x80aa3d4
0xb7359280:     0x821e1fc <marshal_mutex+4>     0x83346bc       0xb78531dc     
0xb7359290:     0x821ce80 <_GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_>       0x6     0xb7deaa52
<time+18>    0x821ce80 <_GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_>
0xb73592a0:     0x0     0xb7838008      0xb73592d8      0x8116a26
0xb73592b0:     0x0     0x2a4fd8        0x8113891 <_wapi_lookup_handle+17>     
0xb73592c0:     0x821ce80 <_GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_>       0x404   0xb7deaa52
<time+18>    0x821ce80 <_GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_>
0xb73592d0:     0x408   0x404   0xb73592f8      0x8116a9a
0xb73592e0:     0x404   0x0     0x0     0x821ce80 <_GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_>
0xb73592f0:     0x408   0x821ce80 <_GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_>       0xb7359358     
0x8113189 <WaitForSingleObjectEx+905>
0xb7359300:     0x404   0x0     0x404   0x8220eb4 <_wapi_global_signal_mutex>
0xb7359310:     0xb7359330      0xb7359318      0xb7359334      0xffffffff
0xb7359320:     0x0     0xb7359430      0x0     0x821ce80
0xb7359330:     0x405   0x8112940 <_wapi_handle_unlock_handle>  0x404  
0x812502e <SetEvent+62>
0xb7359340:     0xb7359430      0x0     0xb7359358      0xb73593c8
0xb7359350:     0x25d20 0x82524d0       0xb7359388      0x80ecee9
0xb7359360:     0x404   0xffffffff      0x0     0x80c9d2b
0xb7359370:     0x821e470 <threads_mutex+4>     0x25d20 0xb7359388     
0xb7359380:     0x25d20 0x82524d0       0xb73593d8      0x80cc1de
0xb7359390:     0x0     0xb73593c8      0x80ecea0 <finalizer_thread>   
0xb73593a0:     0xb73593d8      0xb7f9e090 <_dl_rtld_di_serinfo+19504> 
0x821f640 <GC_allocate_ml>      0xb7359bb0
0xb73593b0:     0x80ecea0 <finalizer_thread>    0x0     0x0     0x811434a
0xb73593c0:     0x821ea3c <pid_init_once>       0x8114c60 <pid_init>   
0xb7359bb0      0x821ce80 <_GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_>
0xb73593d0:     0x408   0xb7702d08      0xb7359408      0x811d792
0xb73593e0:     0x82524d0       0xb7359bb0      0xb7359408      0x8134b0c
0xb73593f0:     0x821f640 <GC_allocate_ml>      0x0     0x811d6eb
<thread_start_routine+11>     0x0
0xb7359400:     0xb7359430      0x2f800 0xb7359458      0x8134b74
0xb7359410:     0xb7702d08      0x8134480 <GC_thread_exit_proc> 0x0    
0xb7359420:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7359430:     0x8134480 <GC_thread_exit_proc> 0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7359440:     0xb7702d08      0x811d6e0 <thread_start_routine>        0x0    
0xb7eb4ff4 <pthread_functions+532>
0xb7359450:     0x0     0x7d0f00        0xb73594c8      0xb7eab240
0xb7359460:     0x26f40 0xb7359490      0xb7359490      0xb7359490
0xb7359470:     0xb7359490      0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7359480:     0xb7359bb0      0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7359490:     0xb7eb4ff4 <pthread_functions+532>      0x0     0x7d0f00       
0xb73594a0:     0xb7359470      0xb7eab214 <start_thread+84>    0x0     0x0
0xb73594b0:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0xb7eab1c0 <start_thread>

(gdb) t 6
[Switching to thread 6 (Thread -1208501328 (LWP 30092))]#0  0xb7f92410 in ?? ()
(gdb) x/160a $esp
0xb7f7b418:     0xb7f7b458      0x821ce80 <_GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_>       0x0    
0xb7eb1016 <__nanosleep_nocancel+60>
0xb7f7b428:     0x0     0x8124a3e <collection_thread+78>        0xb7f7b444     
0xb7f7b438:     0xb7ea6000      0xf0e8  0xb7d76abc <h_errno+43680>      0xa
0xb7f7b448:     0x0     0xb7eb4ff4 <pthread_functions+532>      0x0    
0xb7f7b458:     0xb7f7b4c8      0xb7eab240 <start_thread+128>   0x0    
0xb7f7b468:     0xb7f7b490      0xb7f7b490      0xb7f7b490      0x0
0xb7f7b478:     0x0     0x0     0xb7f7bbb0      0x0
0xb7f7b488:     0x0     0x0     0xb7eb4ff4 <pthread_functions+532>      0x0
0xb7f7b498:     0x7d0f00        0xb7f7b4c8      0xb7f7b470      0xb7eab214
0xb7f7b4a8:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b4b8:     0x0     0xb7eab1c0 <start_thread>       0x0     0x7d0f00
0xb7f7b4c8:     0x0     0xb7e3749e <clone+94>   0xb7f7bbb0      0x0
0xb7f7b4d8:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b4e8:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b4f8:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b508:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b518:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b528:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b538:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b548:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b558:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b568:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b578:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b588:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b598:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b5a8:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b5b8:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b5c8:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b5d8:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b5e8:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b5f8:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b608:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b618:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b628:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b638:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b648:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b658:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b668:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b678:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0
0xb7f7b688:     0x0     0x0     0x0     0x0

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