[Mono-bugs] [Bug 318894] Minor: implement signal chaining for embedders.

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Fri Oct 10 06:58:43 EDT 2008


User si at lindenlab.com added comment

--- Comment #5 from Simon Rowland <si at lindenlab.com>  2008-10-10 04:58:43 MDT ---
Hi Paolo, 

Thanks for reading the patch, and for the tips. I have some questions:

#1 coding guidelines - I ignored camel case args on purpose because the rest of
the file does. Should I use camel case? Are there any other guidelines you can
point to (as far as I can see we're good on the rest of them)?

#2 what is the preferred method for explicitly enabling this behaviour? Config
file opt / command line / env var / other?

#3 can you give any tips on how best to integrate the test into the source
tree? Currently it's a python script invoking a custom launcher that installs a
segv handler. Any tips would be appreciated!

I'm happy to remove the non-sigaction code, it isn't part of our use case. I'll
look into the other issues also.

Thanks, Simon

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