[Mono-bugs] [Bug 432388] mono_thread_attach() causes infinite loop on win32 with --profile

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Wed Oct 8 05:30:09 EDT 2008


User massi at ximian.com added comment

--- Comment #4 from Massimiliano Mantione <massi at ximian.com>  2008-10-08 03:30:09 MDT ---
I should check the ChangeLog, bit IIRC the "thread attach" was needed because
it could happen that the shutdown happened inside a thread that was not
The function that printd the statistical profiler data needs to be called in a
thread that has a "small ID", otherwise the profiler cannot get the JIT info
for the IP saved in the buffer.

The new profiler has proper code to deal with this (which has been nontrivial
to set up), so my preferred "fix" would be to switch to the new profiler.
Unfortunately I still did not build it on Windows, so this "fix" is not
applicable :-(

I would vote against this patch because it would fix this case and break
another one.

BTW, I checked the ChangeLog, and it turns out that the patch that introduced
the call to "mono_thread_attach" did not come from me, so my comment above
could be wrong.

Given a test case or the previous problem I could try to adapt the new
profiler's logic to the old one, or anyway to solve the problem properly.
But simply applying this patch would likely cause a regression.

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