[Mono-bugs] [Bug 324134] Add support for Mac OS X / ppc64

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--- Comment #39 from Paolo Molaro <lupus at novell.com>  2008-10-06 03:33:16 MDT ---
Andreas, your ppc-codegen.h changes are still full of irrelevant whitespace,
reordering and formatting changes. I had asked you to provide just the needed
changes for a reason: if your patchset was a working port, we could ignore the
needless changes and just commit, but since it isn't we need to be able to see
clearly which changes have been done and where the bugs are introduced.
A few other notes.

In ppc-codegen.h there is basically no need to check for ppc64 etc except in
one place, all the others need to be removed as they just add clutter. It is a
good idea to put the ppc64 specific macros at the end of the file, separated
from the rest. A patch that just adds the needed stuff without all the
formatting and reordering would be appreciated and it would be committed right

arch/ppc/test.c changes can be committed. The tramp.c changes are needed for
the interpreter, so they shouldn't be included as the interpreter is not
working, so the changes must be completely untested as well.

The atomic.h changes are fine, except for the gcc 4.1 parts which shouldn't be
committed (they are also missing a check for __powerpc64__).

The aot-compiler.c changes are ok, too, but before going on, please post a
simple patch that introduces just a define __mono_ppc__ and __mono_ppc64__
and uses it in the proper places instead of the double check currently used.
I'll review the rest of the changes after these cleanups.

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