[Mono-bugs] [Bug 429153] ListView: WndProc Mouse Events

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Fri Oct 3 20:02:57 EDT 2008


User johnm at hlaustralia.com.au added comment

--- Comment #5 from John Mortlock <johnm at hlaustralia.com.au>  2008-10-03 18:02:56 MDT ---
I'm not sure how it is possible to fix this problem without the Main ListView
handling the mouse events.

Let me try to explain.

Currently the mouse events will follow this path

DerivedListView (via Owner.OnMouseXXX())

MS .NET has them follow this path


The problem with the first case is the derived listview never has a chance to
manipulate the WM_MOUSE events before the ItemsControl.

We should be able to override the WndProc in the DerivedListView and have the
ability for the WM_MOUSE events (or any other) from reaching the items control
at all.

Now if only MS would add an ExtendedSelect to ListView then we wouldn't need
this conversation ;)

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