[Mono-bugs] [Bug 428683] Multiple simultaneous requests using HttpWebRequest fail

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User amacbeth at gmail.com added comment

--- Comment #5 from Adam MacBeth <amacbeth at gmail.com>  2008-10-02 11:18:18 MDT ---
I confirmed that setting MONO_THREADS_PER_CPU=2000 resolves the issue.

However, the behavior here is quite different from that of .NET. On .NET 3.5,
the default number of threads is 250 workers per CPU and 1000 IOCPs. On Mono it
is 25 (as described in reference link on thread pool deadlocks). I see 30
workers and 0 IOCPs in Mono on my dual core system.

Adding ThreadPool.SetMaxThreads(2, 2) to the beginning of the test still works
fine on .NET even though there are 30 requests in progress, but again fails on
Mono. I assume this has to do with Mono not having access to IOCPs, while .NET

This seems like a significant incompatibility.

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