[Mono-bugs] [Bug 336739] Unable to use GroupWise SOAP WSDL bindings with Mono 1.2.4

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--- Comment #18 from Stephane Zanoni <stephane at omni-ts.com>  2008-05-27 10:03:19 MDT ---
Hi, Johan.

Here is the link to the .NET 2.0 SDK, which is what you will need to do any
NET development.  This assumes you have access to a Windows system to run
these tools.


This is the line from our batch files we execute for our automated wsdl
generation processes:

wsdl /nologo /language:CS /verbose /namespace:%ARG_ASSEMBLY_NAME%
/out:%ARG_ASSEMBLY_NAME%.cs /protocol:SOAP %cd%\wsdl\groupwise.wsdl
%cd%\wsdl\types.xsd %cd%\wsdl\methods.xsd %cd%\wsdl\events.xsd

You can then compile it via:

csc /out:Debug\%ARG_ASSEMBLY_NAME%.dll /target:library /optimize- /debug+
/nologo /keyfile:"%~dp0\%ARG_ASSEMBLY_NAME%-StrongNameKey.snk" *.cs

That does not include the new Bonsai Stubbing SOAP API.

You'll want to substitute some of the batch file scripts arguments out with
your paths and names, but that should get you started.

The Mono wsdl2 works fine in 1.9.1, so substituting wsdl for wsdl2 and csc with
gmcs should work.  But we found the mono and .net versions generated different
code and we preferred the output provided by .net as it was closer to the
definitions provided in the wsdl and xsd.  Makes it much easier for debugging.


PS: Feel free to email me directly if you have any additional questions not
related to this bug.

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