[Mono-bugs] [Bug 393429] objc2-sharp unit tests fail on PPC

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Thu May 22 05:34:44 EDT 2008


User jesjones at mindspring.com added comment

--- Comment #2 from Jesse Jones <jesjones at mindspring.com>  2008-05-22 03:34:43 MST ---
I've appended another patch for the code in the git repository. Note that there
are two additional issues with the code from git:

1) Constructing the NSAutoreleasePool causes an immediate crash with and
without nunit. The crash is because CoreFoundation throws an exception with
reason: "[NSAutoreleasePool retain]: Cannot retain an autorelease pool".

2) The unit tests don't seem to work any more. For example,
ReturnTests::ReturnInt32 does work, but ReturnTests::ReturnDouble crashes. The
tests do however work with the new patch when run outside nunit.

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