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--- Comment #10 from Sebastien Pouliot <spouliot at novell.com>  2008-05-15 12:01:35 MST ---
Found the issue (but current patch is not good enough to commit ;-)

Surface::HandleMouseEvent calls
                toplevel->HitTest (ctx, x, y, new_input_list);
which creates a list of all UIElement to send the event to (bubbling).

What happens is that element A, when MouseLeftButtonUp is emitted, register a
MouseLeftButtonUp on element B (a parent of itself).

On Moonlight the list (from HitTest) includes B (even if it did not have a
MouseLeftButtonUp before) so when it's turn comes it execute the code set by
element A.

On Silverlight element B won't trigger it's new event (it's bubbling list
probably does not include it).

The cute solution is to ignore (in the original list) UIElement for which the
event does not apply (shorter list should be good performance wise) but the
current design does not make it easy.

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