[Mono-bugs] [Bug 386528] Character input with the Carbon backend has endian (and other) problems

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Sun May 11 00:49:31 EDT 2008


User jesjones at mindspring.com added comment

--- Comment #2 from Jesse Jones <jesjones at mindspring.com>  2008-05-10 22:49:30 MST ---
I don't have trunk on my machine, but the diff is: replace the whole of
ProcessText in System.Windows.Forms.CarbonInternal/KeyboardHandler.cs with the
code above and add the new GetCodePoint method.

Note that the trunk code is an improvement over the 1.9 code but it still has

1) The key_filter_table check is not endian correct nor Unicode correct
(because it doesn't check the high byte for zero).

2) It's still assigning only a byte from the Unicode code point to wParam so
typing something like option-p will give you garbage instead of the pi

My original code is probably overly complex though. It'd be simpler to continue
using kEventParamTextInputSendText and rely on BitConverter.IsLittleEndian to
figure out how to compose the Unicode code point.

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