[Mono-bugs] [Bug 388977] generic_params table error when compiling code that references an assembly with generics

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Sat May 10 01:36:42 EDT 2008


User harinath at hurrynot.org added comment

--- Comment #5 from Raja Harinath <harinath at hurrynot.org>  2008-05-09 23:36:39 MST ---
>From ECMA 335, Partition II, Section 22.20 (GenericParam), in the metadata
validity section, we have:

  4. Every generic method shall own one row in the GenericParam table for each
     its generic parameters [ERROR]

So, there is probably a metadata validity violation, which is up to VMWare to

I see two options for the runtime to handle such assemblies

  a. throw a BadImageFormat or a TypeLoad exception

  b. forge on, by conning up some fake generic param entries
     - assume no variance, and no constraints
     - use the parameter number as the name

Option b seems to be what .NET chooses.

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