[Mono-bugs] [Bug 322163] runtime hangs after main() exit

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Tue May 6 20:22:10 EDT 2008


User jra at samba.org added comment

--- Comment #3 from Jeremy Allison <jra at samba.org>  2008-05-06 18:22:10 MST ---
$ mono --version
Mono JIT compiler version 1.2.6 (tarball)
Copyright (C) 2002-2007 Novell, Inc and Contributors. www.mono-project.com
        TLS:           __thread
        GC:            Included Boehm (with typed GC)
        SIGSEGV:       altstack
        Notifications: epoll
        Architecture:  x86
        Disabled:      none

F-Spot  0.4.2

You may not be able to reproduce this. I can't on anything other than this
laptop. Some help debugging pthread locking issues on mono would help.



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