[Mono-bugs] [Bug 386483] MenuStrip prevents Form from being GC'd

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            Summary|Form::MainMenuStrip prevents GC                 |MenuStrip prevents Form from being GC'd

--- Comment #1 from Jonathan Pobst <jpobst at novell.com>  2008-05-05 13:14:24 MST ---
Workaround committed in r102539.  If you call Form.Dispose (), the Form will be
able to be garbage collected.

The issue is that Tool/MenuStrips are added to a static collection in
ToolStripManager.  This allows them to grab keys like Alt to process even when
they are not the active control.  And the MenuStrip has a reference to its
parent, the Form.

To be fully fixed, ToolStripManager would need to be rewritten to pass messages
to the Tool/MenuStrips without holding a reference to them.

2008-05-05  Jonathan Pobst  <monkey at jpobst dot com>

        * ToolStrip.cs, ToolStripDropDownItem.cs: Make sure toolstrips are
        removed from the static toolstrips collection in ToolStripManager
        when they are disposed.  Provides a workaround for bug #386483.

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