[Mono-bugs] [Bug 355256] [AM] gmcs emits invalid code in some generic scenarios

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            Summary|gmcs emits invalid code in some generic         |[AM] gmcs emits invalid code in some generic
                   |scenarios                                       |scenarios

--- Comment #1 from Marek Safar <msafar at novell.com>  2008-05-01 10:27:25 MST ---
Another anonymous method issue. The should run but it's not verifiable due to

method assembly hidebysig instance int32 
        '<Sum>c__1'<T1,T2,TResult>(int32 a,
                                   !!T1 b) cil managed
  .locals init (int32 V_0)
  IL_0000:  ldarg.1
  IL_0001:  ldarg.0
  IL_0002:  ldfld      class [System.Core]System.Func`2<!0,int32> class
  IL_0007:  ldarg.2
  IL_0008:  callvirt   instance !1 class

We use TSource in ::Invoke type here but the argument is of T1 type. They are
same at runtime but verifier does not know about it.

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