[Mono-bugs] [Bug 372780] sgen.exe generates invalid XmlSerializerContract

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Fri Mar 21 01:10:35 EDT 2008


User dbera.web at gmail.com added comment

--- Comment #4 from D Bera <dbera.web at gmail.com>  2008-03-20 23:10:34 MST ---
#3 is the generated source file for the assembly from #2 :)
Take a look at #3:XmlSerializerContract (e.g. GetSerializer) and you will
notice the same empty string used as the key for everything.

As long as you put something meaningful, it should work (*). It definitely
works by putting the typename and I am sure the fix above is the right fix (I
didnt patch XmlReflectionImporter since building and patching sgen.cs was very
easy :).

(*) I could not find in MSDN docs what the hashtable key should be; it only
says the different serializers should be in the hashtable, so I guess any
meaningful key should work.

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