[Mono-bugs] [Bug 372483] Conversion instruction called twice for compound operator/ assignment

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--- Comment #2 from Steve Leibman <sleibman at interactivesupercomputing.com>  2008-03-19 14:13:46 MST ---

Sure, I agree. It could be considered two separate bugs: both a compiler bug
and a runtime bug. 

If you make this distinction, the compiler bug is new in 1.9, but the runtime
bug is in both 1.9 and 1.2.6 (and likely -- though not confirmed -- earlier
releases as well).

Since the compiler bug did not exist in 1.2.6, I can only confirm this by
compiling the following code, and then manually inserting an extra

using System;
using SizeType = System.UInt64;
public class broken_cast
    public static void Main()
      SizeType m = 1;
      SizeType i = 1;
      SizeType[] n = new SizeType[2] {7, 8};
      m = m * n[i];

On the other hand, it isn't clear that the runtime should really have to go out
of its way to check the input type, and maybe it is okay to just ensure that
the compiler is well behaved. I'll leave that question up to you -- not sure
what the spec says.

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