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Try export MONO_MWF_SCALING=disable

We are doing AutoScaling exactly like it is supposed to.  The issue is that
pretty much no application has been written to work with AutoScaling.  This is
because the default font is always the same under windows (99% of the time).

The point of AutoScale is you design your form with a certain default font,
then you mark you form with the font size you used to design the form.  At
runtime, if the default font size is different than the one the form was
designed with, everything is resized to accommodate the new font.  So if my
runtime font is larger than my design time font, make everything bigger so my
new font fits.

So when things are copied to linux, the default font has bigger metrics, so we
make things bigger, causing things to look terrible.  (Unless we have the MS
fonts installed, in which case they are the same as windows.)

We have three options.

1) export MONO_MWF_SCALING=disable tells MWF not to do AutoScale.
2) remove the Form.AutoScaleBaseSize call from each app.  This is added
automatically by the VS designer and most app writers have never even heard of
3) disable AutoScale completely in Mono.  Geoff says this is the route he took
for the Mac.  99% of time this is what we want, but there may be a few apps
that rely on AutoScale.

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