[Mono-bugs] [Bug 366445] assertion failed, accessing value type over remoting

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Mon Mar 3 08:53:37 EST 2008


User robertj at gmx.net added comment

--- Comment #7 from Robert Jordan <robertj at gmx.net>  2008-03-03 06:53:37 MST ---
I was able to reproduce it with HEAD on Win32/x86.

A simple standalone test case:

using System;

public class Test: MarshalByRefObject
        public DateTime Stamp = new DateTime (1968, 1, 2);

        static void Main ()
                AppDomain d = AppDomain.CreateDomain ("foo");
                Test t = (Test) d.CreateInstanceAndUnwrap (typeof
(Test).Assembly.FullName, typeof (Test).FullName);
                Console.WriteLine (t.Stamp);

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