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Test case for an issue

Please note that metafile support is a incomplete feature on Unix using
libgdiplus only. On Windows gdiplus.dll developed by Microsoft is used by Mono.
I expect OS compatibility is an important feature of Mono.
If you wish you can split this enhancement to two bugs, but the main problem is
related with System.Drawing.
You could use my recently added example to detect Bug 402172 - [win32]
ImageAttributes.GetAdjustedPalette method implementation is invalid.
You will need to have some metafile and try to convert it to disabled bitmap.
The application should work. By replacing example code processing image by
uncommenting line in MainForm.cs
 ControlPaint.DrawImageDisabled(destGraphics, srcImage, 0, 0, background);
and commenting the rest code, i.e.

           using (Graphics destGraphics = Graphics.FromImage(destBitmap))
                ControlPaint.DrawImageDisabled(destGraphics, srcImage, 0, 0,
                using (ImageAttributes imageAttrs = new ImageAttributes())
                    ColorMatrix matrix = new
                    destGraphics.DrawImage(srcImage, new Rectangle(0, 0,
imageSize.Width, imageSize.Height),
                        srcRect.X, srcRect.Y, srcRect.Width, srcRect.Height,
pageUnit, imageAttrs);
you see an issue drawing metafile with origin point not equal to {0, 0}.

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