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--- Comment #8 from Sebastien Pouliot <spouliot at novell.com>  2008-06-25 11:51:21 MDT ---
So what happened from caching bounds ?

Previously calling cairo_bentley_ottman_tessellate_polygon 7077 times resulted
in 1,602,767,429 calls to cairo_bo_event_compare_pointers.

Now a much longer test run calls cairo_bentley_ottman_tessellate_polygon
1,980,497  times, but "only" 214,549,358 times cairo_bo_event_compare_pointers.

Still computing extents with cairo is still at top, but it's no more because of
PathFigure::CacheBounds (called 227 times). 

The few Moonlight calls taking more time are (in order):
* Geometry::Draw called 1540 times (a bit more time than
* set_surface (dependencyobject.cpp) called 3,533,784 times
* Type::IsSubsetOf called 6,410,455 times
* Value::Is called 3,996,941 times

Note: last 3 entries are related but, even together, they are a magnitude
smaller  compared to all the cairo calls being made.

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