[Mono-bugs] [Bug 396076] PropertyGrid: ignores set of Padding "All" value

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--- Comment #8 from Ivan Zlatev <contact at i-nz.net>  2008-06-19 19:15:58 MDT ---
I have applied your patch in r106273 with the modifications as follows (list
written down while doing them, so probably not great):

   1. Coding Style - space before (
   2. Coding Style - Properties { on same line
   3. Coding Style - field naming - no m_ prefixes, etc
   4. Coding Style - align parameters list in method signatures to the ones on
the previous line.
   5. Coding Style - no {} for single line if-else
   6. Exception -> NotimplementedException
   7. ArgumentNullReferenceException parameter name -> match the string to the
param name
   8. Removed the commented out CWLs
   9. Do not compare exception's message and other details. This might break
running the tests on non-english locale as Atsushi Eno pointed out on the
mono-devel mailing list recently. Just fail if exception doesn't get thrown
  10. ConvertTo_InstanceDescriptor - dropped helper method and used only
AreEqual (it will compare all properties of the Padding as it ends up calling
Padding.Equals anyway) for the sake of simplicity
  11. No need to "internal" helper methods
  12. Drop some helper methods here and there and simplify here and there.
Tests should be simple and self contained units. Code duplication in tests is
fine imho.

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