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--- Comment #5 from Sebastien Pouliot <spouliot at novell.com>  2008-06-13 14:07:06 MDT ---
there is a skins.zip file referenced that contains 195 xaml files, 2.7MB worth,
for each countries (and other stuff). 

Size varies a lot* and seems to be loaded on demand (which is why the previous
test only shows 46 calls).

* The biggest, Map.xaml, is 1.5MB and seems to include a lot of stuff;
* The second biggest is Canada (Country_CA.xaml) at 175.3KB, in a single Path
(filled by a nice radial gradient no less!)

Right now we expands Path Data="..." (Path Markup Language) into a
PathFigureCollection - which seems the obvious thing to do... 

However a quick test in Firebug shows that
newNode.Children.GetItem(0).Data.Figures returns null !!!
and it obviously/visually not empty

that need more tests (including one in SL2) but it would simplify PML parsing,
lower the memory requirement (since it becomes only a read-only path) and make
it faster* to compute bounds too

(*) once per collection, not once per-figure

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