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--- Comment #4 from Andrew Tierney <andrew at castlesoft.com.au>  2008-06-12 08:46:25 MDT ---
Thankyou Zoltan and Marek.  I can confirm its NOT a bug in mono..

Incase others have similar problems with mojoPortal and Mono 1.9.1 or
later i've listed my rough notes below on how to make it work.

1) unzip the mojoportal-2-2-5-8-pgsqlreleasefiles-for-mono.zip to say /tmp/mono

2) delete the

3) unzip the mojoportal-2-2-5-8-mysqldatalayer.zip to say /tmp/fix

4) ONLY copy the dll's from mysqldata layer into the pgsql mono release bin

cp /tmp/fix/mysqldatalayer/*.dll /tmp/mono/pgsqlreleasefiles-for-mono/web/bin

DO NOT copy the Web.config...

5) edit the Web.config (check 'comment this out for Mono' is commented out)
And modify the SubSonicProvider key as follows:

<add key="SubSonicProvider" value="subsonicMySql" />

Also modify the MySqlConnectionstring key as to match your MySQL server.

<add key="MySqlConnectionString" value="Data Source...." etc etc /

6) Move the new Mojo files to your webroot location (ie. for OpenSuSe 10.3 its

mv /tmp/mono/pgsqlreleasefiles-for-mono/web/* /srv/www/htdocs

7) A directory is missing from the ZIP.. (i'll assume /srv/www/htdocs is your
webroot below)

mkdir /srv/www/htdocs/Data/Sites/1/GalleryImages/

7) Make sure your Data directory is writable.

chmod -R 777 /srv/www/htdocs/Data

Now provided you have a blank database and apache etc running.

http://yourwebsite/Setup/Default.aspx should work..

Then disable setup in the Web.config and your in business..!!

Thanks to JOE and the MONO team for the pointers..!

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