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--- Comment #3 from Rodrigo Kumpera <rkumpera at novell.com>  2008-06-10 13:49:03 MDT ---

On .NET System.MissingFieldException is thrown since
'<>c__CompilerGenerated0`1.u' is not visible from X::Test<T> (!!T t). The
offending opcode is:

IL_000f:  stfld !!0 class X/'<>c__CompilerGenerated0`1'<!!0>::u

I believe this is a bug on MS runtime since if we examine the visibility
requirement all are met by the current code:

class private auto ansi beforefieldinit X
  .method public instance void Test<T> (!!T t)

  .class nested private auto ansi beforefieldinit
    .field  assembly  !0 u

To access X/'<>c__CompilerGenerated0`1'<!!0>::u, P I 8.5.3 states that 3 rules
must be met:

1)The type is visible and, in case of a nested type, accessible.
Type '<>c__CompilerGenerated0`1' is nested in 'X', which means it's visible.

2)The member is accessible.
Member have assembly visibility. Should work.

3)All relevant security demands have been granted.
CAS is irrelevant here.

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