[Mono-bugs] [Bug 398325] [PATCH] Use of unassigned local variable not recognized for variables declared after end of scope of an assigned variable

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Mon Jun 9 17:32:29 EDT 2008


User Moritz.Kroll at gmx.de added comment

--- Comment #4 from Moritz Kroll <Moritz.Kroll at gmx.de>  2008-06-09 15:32:28 MDT ---
The change of the constructor targets the second reason of the bug. Consider
the following scenario:
- Usage vector is 1101
- Leave a block which introduced one variable
  -> new usage vector inherits from 1101 with count=3
  -> new usage vector is 110, but 1101 is still stored in the bit vector
- Enter another block which introduces a new variable
  -> new usage vector inherits from last usage vector with count=4
  -> as the old constructor just sets the shared variable and count
     the new usage vector is 1101 instead of 1100

That's why I changed the constructor, which will copy the relevant bits in this
situtation and set the remaining upper bits to false.

I agree about the verbose Shorten method, though.

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