[Mono-bugs] [Bug 411630] MDB can' t execute methods or inspect properties from generic classes

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            Summary|MDB can't execute methods from generic classes  |MDB can't execute methods or inspect properties
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--- Comment #3 from Lluis Sanchez <lluis at novell.com>  2008-07-23 20:26:31 MDT ---
Come on Martin, be serious, this is a really bad excuse for closing a bug.

I haven't been in any debugger meeting or discussion, but I can summarize the
required feature set for generics in one short sentence: "whatever you can do
with regular classes, you must be able to do it with instantiated generic
classes". It's so obvious it hurts. That's what users expect from a sane

If support for inspecting properties and calling methods on instantiated
generic types was explicitely excluded from the planned feature set, that
decision must be reconsidered.

If it was not explicitly excluded and you assumed it was, you were mistaken,
and we are in serious trouble.

If it is a bug and you are too busy to fix it, please say so.

In any of those cases this bug report can't be closed until there is a

BTW, I found something interesting:

(mdb) p s.Run ()
ERROR: Type `Test.SomeGeneric`1<int>' has no member `Run'
(mdb) p s.ToString ()
(string) "Test.SomeGeneric`1[System.Int32]"
(mdb) p s.Run ()
(int) 1

So the call to ToString() works, and after that any call to any method of the
generic class will work. So it looks like some kind of initialization issue to

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