[Mono-bugs] [Bug 383357] Novell c# LDAP api, LdapConnection. Disconnect does not clear the socket connections

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--- Comment #21 from Sebastien Pouliot <spouliot at novell.com>  2008-07-10 07:39:08 MDT ---
Meanwhile I'm not 100% convinced the problem resides in the SSL code. Design
wise Mono SSL implementation works on streams, not sockets (it never sees, nor
touch, them).

Since it is not socket-aware it could a problem on the caller (which is the one
who must provide the stream, generally a NetworkStream, with the initialized
socket). However when using the SSL code some exception will be different. This
can lead the caller's into different code path, exposing bugs.

The version of Novell.Directory.Ldap (shipped with Mono 1.2.2) should be 2.1.4
(as far I see it using SVN). About 6 month later this code was updated to
version 2.1.8 (which is what Mono 1.9 ships).

This link shows a fix for a problem similar to the one I just described

The socket is nullified when an IOException occurs (which is the exception you
would likely get from the SSL code).

Which version of Novell.Directory.Ldap gets used (or was tested) ? 
the one shipped with the specific versions of Mono ?

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