[Mono-bugs] [Bug 406642] System.Diagnostic.Process doesn't use credential info

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Mon Jul 7 07:34:46 EDT 2008


User surfzoid2002 at yahoo.fr added comment

--- Comment #2 from Eric Petit <surfzoid2002 at yahoo.fr>  2008-07-07 05:34:46 MDT ---
weel, can yu say me why, please ?
If i can, perhap's i implement it (depend of your response), because i see it
more usefull under linux than windows, under windows it we don't change or exec
as other user, very often, but under linux i use very often "su" to be root.

In my case, i write cs-ObexFtp since 1 year, from the begining i live with Mono
Bug, most often time this is SVN or dailly tarball who correct the bug.
So the idea is , i writed "Mono Updater" who update existing Mono to the last
SVN or DaillyTarball, i would like to integrate this in Cs-ObexFtp, and warning
User about the fact His mono is too old and propose to upgrade.

But as you can imagine, MonoUpdater need to be start as root, or to start a
process as Root, because it install file in the system.

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