[Mono-bugs] [Bug 354323] Add Mono's lib/ dir to runtime path on Solaris

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--- Comment #2 from Andreas Färber <andreas.faerber at web.de>  2008-01-17 07:34:08 MST ---
This flag (-R) seemed to be specific to Solaris. The only other platform I
heard of such a feature was IRIX (-rpath), but I don't have access to it and
it's "close to dead" AFAIK. libtool is documented to handle this where
appropriate for linked-in libraries, but that obviously doesn't catch p/invokes
in our class libraries.

On Linux, most people will use Mono via official packages or otherwise could
use ldconfig. For Solaris/x86 there are no packages from Novell and no recent
ones elsewhere and no ldconfig, so people have to build and take care of this
themselves via LDFLAGS or LD_LIBRARY_PATH[_32|_64]. I didn't know this -R
feature despite having occasionally worked on Solaris for some years, so expect
others to potentially not be aware of it either. Requiring less workarounds
makes it easier to adopt Mono on this platform (which Sun is trying to push as
a Java development environment).

Officially, Mono instructs users to run some magic setup script on
Solaris/sparc before using Mono:
That's something I can do on my terminal before running mono commands; but if
integrating MonoDevelop with JDS/GNOME via /usr/share/applications/ or running
a mono-service via SMF, this is really unhandy.

I can always add -R to my personal LDFLAGS but I thought we'd spare us some
questions on the lists and improved the Mono experience if we took care of this
by default.
If you see another solution that works for more platforms I'd be open for that,


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