[Mono-bugs] [Bug 353604] Unexpected Unhandled Exception: System. TypeInitializationException when using Mono's ilasm

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Mon Jan 14 09:00:04 EST 2008


User stephen at gennard.net added comment

--- Comment #2 from Stephen Gennard <stephen at gennard.net>  2008-01-14 07:00:03 MST ---
That helps but now we get an exception in our runtime due to a
NullReferenceException cause by the wrong ConstructorInfo being returned
from Type.GetConstructor(..).

I have attached a .zip with a cut-down which I believe it the cause of the

see novell_cctor_bug.zip

To reproduce:
d:\bug2>call ilasm2 /dll b.il                         
Assembling 'b.il' , no listing file, to dll --> 'b.dll'                     

Operation completed successfully                                            
d:\bug2>call gmcs ct.cs /r:b.dll                      

d:\bug2>mono ct.exe                                   
DEBUG: Fail (cinfo=Void .cctor())                                           

Where as under Microsoft's CLR you get:
DEBUG: Pass (cinfo=Void .ctor())    

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