[Mono-bugs] [Bug 353495] HttpWebResponse.LastModified isn't corrected for time zone

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User jdpurcell2 at yahoo.com added comment

--- Comment #1 from James Purcell <jdpurcell2 at yahoo.com>  2008-01-13 01:21:33 MST ---
How about changing MonoHttpDate.Parse to this:

internal static DateTime Parse (string dateStr)
    DateTime d = DateTime.ParseExact(dateStr, 
    return new DateTime(d.Ticks, DateTimeKind.Utc).ToLocalTime();

I see MonoHttpDate.Parse is also used in HttpWebRequest.IfModifiedSince (get)
and it apparently had the same bug (returning UTC time and labeling it local). 
So the above code would fix both HttpWebResponse.LastModified and

A few other things I should mention, in case they are important:

* The result of DateTime.ParseExact, at least with those params, has a
DateTimeKind of Unspecified in MS.NET, but Local in Mono.

* HttpWebRequest.IfModifiedSince (get) in MS.NET returns a DateTime with the
same DateTimeKind as was used to set it, but Mono converts the date/time to
string internally and loses this.

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