[Mono-bugs] [Bug 325305] Support for "Window-less" rendering.

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--- Comment #7 from Chris Toshok <toshok at novell.com>  2008-02-26 14:01:19 MST ---
I've committed the first pass for fixing this bug.  There are a few areas where
the current patch is deficient:

1. Mouse cursor setting isn't supported at all.  Not sure if MS supports this
in windowless mode, but we definitely don't (and might not be able to...)

2. Key events.  Right now we don't handle them at all, and even when we do,
we're getting the raw Xlib event, so we'll have to do some munging to make a
reasonable GdkEvent from it.

3. XInput support.  All pointer events are coming in just as that - pointer
events.  There's no XInput extension events that I'm aware of, so the gdkdevice
and axes elements are all NULL.  What this means is that stylus events won't
give pressure info in windowless mode.  We need to see if MS supports this as

4. Expose event aggregation.  Right now we don't do this.  It requires a little
work in the mozilla code, but karlt sounded like he was going to add support
for it.  This will make redraws a bit quicker.

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