[Mono-bugs] [Bug 362598] Inline String.IsNullOrEmpty() calls

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--- Comment #6 from Paolo Molaro <lupus at novell.com>  2008-02-19 05:21:19 MST ---
The size of the assembly doesn't matter on the percentage: the maximum I could
find in all the mono assemblies for the 2.0 profile is 4.45% and there are many
cases where it is below 2%, so I don't think 8-10% has any value as a statistic
number and as such it shouldn't be considered, it is simply wrong.

And this specific case has no meaning either: there will always be a case where
a method is not inlined for a single byte, if the current default is too low it
will be changed, but this has no relation to branch sizes and inlining too much
is not an issue either, as we're talking here about 3-6 bytes of bytecode in
the worst case. So the IL branch displacement size has no real benefits except
tiny savings of disk space and it is my opinion that it is simply a waste of
time to try to reduce them for performance, because there is 0 performance gain
to get from there.

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