[Mono-bugs] [Bug 360808] [OSX] Graphics contexts that do not call Dispose are not immediately drawn to the screen

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            Summary|Can't draw polygon                              |[OSX] Graphics contexts that do not call Dispose
                   |                                                |are not immediately drawn to the screen

--- Comment #1 from Geoff Norton <gnorton at novell.com>  2008-02-14 12:02:28 MST ---
This bug is going to be difficult to fix (if at all possible).  The issue is
that this demo creates graphics contexts and expects the results to be
implicitly flushed to the screen in real time which we cannot do on the mac for
a number of reasons.  They dont Dispose their context, and rely on the GC to do
that for them which isn't guaranteed in any amount of time.  The following

=== PolygonCuttingEarInterface/frmCuttingEars.cs
--- PolygonCuttingEarInterface/frmCuttingEars.cs        (revision 90096)
+++ PolygonCuttingEarInterface/frmCuttingEars.cs        (local)
@@ -654,6 +654,7 @@
                                //fill triangles in different color
                                int nBrush = i % 3;
                                gfx.FillPolygon(m_aBrushes[nBrush], tempArray);
+                               gfx.Dispose ();
@@ -678,6 +679,7 @@
+                                       gfx.Dispose ();
@@ -727,6 +729,7 @@
                        startPt=new Point(x,y-2);
                        endPt=new Point(x,y+2);
                        gfx.DrawLine(Pens.Red,startPt, endPt);
+                       gfx.Dispose ();

Fixes this problem by following good standards for MWF apps.  

I'll leave this bug open and rewrite its summary for information purposes for

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