[Mono-bugs] [Bug 342971] DefaultWatcher is blocking while InotifyWatcher is not

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Thu Feb 14 10:38:59 EST 2008


User anders at iola.dk added comment

--- Comment #2 from Anders Rune Jensen <anders at iola.dk>  2008-02-14 08:38:58 MST ---
Aha, the problem is that they have different semantics. The default watcher
will go through the whole filesystem and look at it all while inotify watcher
will only add all the dirs. So if one does this on the homedir with lots of
folders and files it will look as if the program is waiting forever with the
default watcher, but it will finish eventually. The problem is that to an
application it doesn't matter if it will finish eventually or not since by that
time the user is dead and gone.

I guess the problem is that this should be done in a thread in the background
instead of blocking the main thread. 

I have attached a test case that shows this problem.

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