[Mono-bugs] [Bug 359561] Gtk does a lot of boxing because it uses .NET 1.1 code

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Wed Feb 13 09:34:41 EST 2008


User anders at iola.dk added comment

--- Comment #4 from Anders Rune Jensen <anders at iola.dk>  2008-02-13 07:34:40 MST ---

Attached is an implementation of a resizeable uint container that can be used
fix the initial problem easily since the interface is exactly the same as the

I'm a little uncertain as to the plan of action. Will you use this class to
remove all cases where uint are boxed needlessly by going through all the code,
or just fix it for this case and leave this bug report open as a metabug for
further reports of the same kind? 

I'm of course most interested in the first case since problems of this kind
often goes unnoticed because it is masked by the GC :-/ I have no idea how the
whole auto-generation of GTK bindings works so it would probably be best if one
of you guys did it or told me exactly which parts of the code is autogenerated
and which I can convert.


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