[Mono-bugs] [Bug 360796] Internal compiler error with large methods

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Mon Feb 11 20:08:36 EST 2008


User cmarshall at pacificbiosciences.com added comment

--- Comment #2 from Casey Marshall <cmarshall at pacificbiosciences.com>  2008-02-11 18:08:35 MST ---
More info: the code that triggers this, which is about 150 lines into the
method, does this (subform is a Form member variable):

  subform.FormClosed += new FormClosedEventHandler(delegate(object o,
FormClosedEventArgs e2) { subform = null; });

In other words, the on-closed event handler nulls out the instance in the main
form. 'subform' is essentially a window embedded into the main form.

And again, this only happens if this code is in a large method. Simple test
cases don't provoke this.

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