[Mono-bugs] [Bug 352217] Generating WSDL using the ServiceDescriptionReflector class hangs, iFolder build

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Mon Feb 11 13:52:09 EST 2008


User dl9pf at gmx.de added comment

--- Comment #6 from Jan-Simon Möller <dl9pf at gmx.de>  2008-02-11 11:52:08 MST ---
Lets get this done - what's needed exactly?
The sources are here:

Used in e.g.:
mono GenerateWsdl.exe iFolder.WebService.Local.dll
iFolder.WebService.iFolderAdminLocal iFolderAdminLocal.wsdl

Found 4 in buildlog:
dl9pf at elrond:~/user/svn/simias/trunk/simias> grep "mono GenerateWsdl" buildlog
mono GenerateWsdl.exe iFolder.WebService.Local.dll
iFolder.WebService.iFolderAdminLocal iFolderAdminLocal.wsdl

mono GenerateWsdl.exe iFolder.WebService.Local.dll
iFolder.WebService.iFolderWebLocal iFolderWebLocal.wsdl

mono GenerateWsdl.exe iFolder.WebService.dll iFolder.WebService.iFolderAdmin iFolderAdmin.wsdl

mono GenerateWsdl.exe iFolder.WebService.dll iFolder.WebService.iFolderWeb iFolderWeb.wsdl

So attaching GenerateWsdl.exe, iFolder.WebService.Local.dll &
iFolder.WebService.dll from a build of simias's HEAD.

It happens randomly, but then the process is stuck and never returns causing
e.g. openSuSE buildservice xen-instances to stay "alive" until $GLOBAL_TIMEOUT
& xen -kill .

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