[Mono-bugs] [Bug 358987] HttpListener leaking socket file descriptors

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Mon Feb 11 03:21:35 EST 2008


User petee at mindtouch.com added comment

--- Comment #5 from Peter Erickson <petee at mindtouch.com>  2008-02-11 01:21:34 MST ---
Just an FYI, in the Server.cs file I forgot to set:

listener.IgnoreWriteExceptions = true;

so the exception is actually happening in Socket.Send() instead of
Socket.Shutdown().  Either way, either the runtime needs to be fixed to match
the MS behavior, or HttpConnection.cs and/or Socket.cs needs to be modified to
properly close sockets.  

We (MindTouch) have a long-running mono process (an HTTP server) that needs to
be constantly  monitored and restarted because mono is leaking socket file
descriptors like a sieve.  :(

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