[Mono-bugs] [Bug 357155] RichTextBox not displaying formatted Text when initialized with RTF text

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Mon Feb 4 02:32:41 EST 2008


User albright at wesay.org added comment

--- Comment #6 from Eric Albright <albright at wesay.org>  2008-02-04 00:32:40 MST ---
After looking into this some more, I find that the behavior I described is
actually the behavior that MS .Net has. When a control is added to a parent and
the control has not had its Font property explicitly set, OnFontChanged is
triggered and this changes the font of the RichTextBox. So the RTF property has
to be assigned after the parent (or indeed all the ancestors) have been
assigned. The reason I didn't see this behavior on .Net is that setting the
Focus to the outer control, did not set focus to an inner control which would
have refreshed my RichTextBox.

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