[Mono-bugs] [Bug 358237] "richtext" variable is never set true for RichTextBox

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Sun Feb 3 07:43:36 EST 2008


User luke.a.page at gmail.com added comment

--- Comment #1 from Luke Page <luke.a.page at gmail.com>  2008-02-03 05:43:36 MST ---
1) SetBoundsCore/FixupHeight both have if !multiline, so this only effects non
multi-line RichTextBox (by default, a RichTextBox is multi-line). Currently a
mono single line RTB is height limited, where as a Microsoft single line RTB
does not have a fixed height.
There is a related issue where by AutoSize defaults to true for RTB when it
should default to False, which I'll raise seperately.

2) Setting the Font property of a RichTextBox does set the whole document font,
so FontOrColorChanged shouldn't have that if.

3) PageUp and PageDn have the right idea, but yes, they'll never work

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