[Mono-bugs] [Bug 462950] gmcs fails to compile class with explicit implementations of properties

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Tue Dec 30 19:14:04 EST 2008


User markus.johnsson.84 at gmail.com added comment

--- Comment #2 from Markus Johnsson <markus.johnsson.84 at gmail.com>  2008-12-30 17:14:03 MST ---
I've created a patch (see comment #1) that solves this based on the fact that
the only thing that can differ between two properties with the same name and
the same interface (except the generic parameters) is the type. 

It generates a backing field name such as <I`1.Prop<A>>k__BackingField. This is
not the very best solution, I guess the correct name should be
<I<A>.Prop>k__BackingField, but didn't know the best way to implement that.
When CreateAutomaticProperty is called, the InterfaceType field is null, even
if IsExplicitImpl is true. Is this the right behavior? 

I've never worked with the mcs or mono code before, so please be gentle. 

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