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--- Comment #5 from Thomas Goldstein <stifu at free.fr>  2008-12-30 02:14:16 MST ---
More information:

The ToolStrip gets too small when adding elements to it, as the ToolStrip will
basically adapt to the size of the biggest element it contains, it seems.
However, ToolStripLabels are supposed to be 22px-tall, while the ToolStrip in
Mono is 16px-tall... So it's not that simple, but I think that's the basic
Empty ToolStrips are fine, they don't contain anything so no resizing is done,
and look pretty much the same in Mono and .NET.

In the testcase above, the ToolStrip gets shrunk due to the ToolStripLabels. If
you remove the labels and only leave the separators, the ToolStrip gets
extremely small (just a few pixels tall). At first sight, it seems some kind of
minimum size would need to be enforced...

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