[Mono-bugs] [Bug 423518] WARNING: Got event 137f for unknown pid xxxx

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Thu Dec 18 18:12:32 EST 2008


User mike at trausch.us added comment

--- Comment #44 from Michael Trausch <mike at trausch.us>  2008-12-18 16:12:31 MST ---
Well, I am willing to do a kernel bisection to determine when the problem was
introduced and by what changeset.  Can we keep this bug open in the meantime
until I am able to do that and attempt to get something going?

This would appear to be categorized as a regression, so probably need to send
another message to the LKML (often, a single message *does* get lost in the
load) and ensure that the word "regression" is in the bug title.  That will get
the attention of the kernel's regressions manager, and that will make the
problem a little more visible as well.  I am willing to take care of that,
since I'll also be bisecting the kernel to be looking for the problem, so I can
include a [bisected] tag as well to identify the first bad kernel commit.

I'd at least like to understand what is going on or what it is that changed
within the kernel before this is closed out entirely, though this is of course
just a personal opinion.  I can attempt to get some work done where I am at (I
am out of town for Christmas holiday presently, but do have access to my
testing machine at home from here, assuming that I can setup access to the
global IPv6 network where I am presently located), but nothing is certain---I
won't be back home until around the 5th of January.

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