[Mono-bugs] [Bug 449512] XSD validation fails

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Tue Dec 9 03:47:03 EST 2008


User atsushi at ximian.com added comment

--- Comment #3 from Atsushi Enomoto <atsushi at ximian.com>  2008-12-09 01:47:02 MST ---
Significant reduce of xml instance is done for the first step:

<ndoc SchemaVersion="2.0" xmlns="urn:ndoc-schema">
  <threadsafety static="true" instance="false" />
  <namespaceHierarchies />
  <assembly name="NDoc3.Test">
    <module name="NDoc3.Test.dll">
      <namespace name="NDoc3.Test.Attributes">
        <class name="NamespaceDoc" displayName="NamespaceDoc"
namespace="NDoc3.Test.Attributes" id="T:NDoc3.Test.Attributes.NamespaceDoc"
            <summary> Defining and using custom attributes </summary>
          <constructor name=".ctor"
id="M:NDoc3.Test.Attributes.NamespaceDoc.#ctor" access="Public"
              <summary>Initializes a new instance of the <see
cref="T:NDoc3.Test.Attributes.NamespaceDoc" /> class.</summary>

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