[Mono-bugs] [Bug 371581] [Regression] HttpContext.RewritePath no longer works

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Sat Aug 30 18:23:25 EDT 2008


User philippe at activa.be added comment

--- Comment #21 from Philippe Leybaert <philippe at activa.be>  2008-08-30 16:23:25 MDT ---
I have verified this, and it seems the bug is caused by the following piece of
code in the source code:


Lines 653-658:

void RewritePath (string filePath, string pathInfo, string queryString, bool
if (UrlUtils.IsRooted (filePath))
  filePath = UrlUtils.Combine (Request.BaseVirtualDir, UrlUtils.Canonic
(filePath).Substring (1));
 filePath = UrlUtils.Combine (UrlUtils.GetDirectory (Request.FilePath),

The test case described in comment #20 causes UrlUtils.IsRooted() to return
true, so in line 656, filePath will be set to:

UrlUtils.Combine("/demo","demo/testcase2.aspx"), which is:


Should I submit a specific bug report for this? Or is this the right place?

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